Reviving Corporates

A Boutique Consulting Agency Dedicated to Equipping Top-notch Organizations with Multidimensional Wellness Solutions to 

Empower Employees to be 

Consistent, Conscious, and Committed

Meet Our Founder

Corporate Wellness Oracle: May Zaki

The World's #1 Wellness Authority for Elite Female leaders. 

And The Innovator of the "R formulas" A proven philosophical approach to creating a healthy, wealthy life by design.


Our Vision 
We are devoted to Skyrocket Potential, Performance, and Prosperity in the workplace. 


If you are an organization that is stuck with employees

  • Who lack Motivation and struggle with focus.
  • Hardly have clear communication. 
  • Struggling with consistent performance rates. 
  • Maybe increased absenteeism.


we got you; contact us now to

 Transform your Workplace into A

 Profitable and Purpose-driven Environment,


Our Mission
In Reviving Corporates

We are a Passionate, Driven Agency that follows 

Revolutionary Wellness Methodology 

For Guaranteed Tangible Results, 

Unlike Mainstream Wellness Coaching which focuses on only one aspect of health, 

We have our Unique Blend of the 

Art and Science of Wellness 

that includes a person's physical, mental and emotional state, social relationships, and lifestyle growth.


Our Story

Reviving Corporates was born;

When May Zaki's first global company, "Rashaqa by May," was acknowledged as a Finalist for the prestigious Multicultural Business Excellence Award in Australia's most significant national awards.

May has been on a mission of empowering women across the globe while managing her own team of passionate women in Rashaqa by May.

Although she was consistently achieving her business goals and deadlines, there was a real struggle in the back end with her team.

Struggling with communications, low engagement rates, and low creativity.

The process was always tiring, full of resistance, fear of change, And heaps of trials and errors. 

Not to mention the stress, overwhelm, and burnout the team showed and the low level of productivity...


Why wellness is the real wealth?

In a recent study, Forbes claimed that corporate stress, anxiety, and other work-related conditions might cost the organizations an additional loss of approximately $80-$100 million annually. 

But the good news is, according to additional evidence found, when wellness coaching is implemented in the workplace, there is a significant reduction in absenteeism.

At the same time, a positive contribution to performance and productivity was shown. 

In addition to the studies that found that employees who receive wellness corporate coaching create more job satisfaction, Morales, are able to achieve their goals in 3 months rather than a year.




Better, faster achievements for goals & clarity for decisions.


Higher self-esteem and lower stress levels


Employees considered themselves to be more productive

That's why We are introducing

 Reviving Corporates to the world

 to fill the gap between 

Sanity & Success

By crafting Ultra-premium wellness plans for Top-notch Organizations for 

Sustainable, Scalable Successes.


Are you ready to unleash magic in your organization??” 

Because of our powerful values and virtues, We believe Reviving Corporates will transform your team to: 
  • Become effortlessly proactive overcoming the overwhelm of meeting deadlines. 
  • Skillfully mastering their emotions and taking control of their lives. 
  • Consistently communicating brilliantly and efficiently. 
  • Enjoying a balanced lifestyle, where they intuitively practice self-care to keep their energy-boosting.

Why Reviving Corporates? 

In Revive, we are masters in creating programs that shatter the limiting beliefs of one, going through experiencing an instant profound mindset shift to a holistic wellness approach of body and soul, resulting in consistent extraordinary results by mastering practical lifestyle skills. 

Because we understand your organization's good in the world, you love what you do. We're happy to come to your office, to put our hearts and souls into your work because you know it matters.


While health care focuses on illness, we create a healthy, wealthy business.

While everyone these days knows what a healthy lifestyle is, a lot of employees struggle to start and sustain healthy habits, That's why we have our distinguished angle, 

Our Matchless Proven Methodology: 

The Re-Awaken Method: 

A Solid System to Release the Limitless Power of your Team Unleashing the level of Income, Impact of your Organization.